Most people don’t understand how the internet works, but still use the technology daily. Blockchain is referred to as Web3 which represents the third generation of the internet. In the next few decades, blockchain will revolutionize all of finance and enterprise; governments, institutions, and companies are getting involved in the Web3 business. My Crypto Advisor will simplify complex concepts and walk you through the basics you need to invest.

As with any nascent industry, there is a degree of volatility due to small market capitalization. My Crypto Advisor recommends not investing anything you can’t afford to lose.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger which stores and records transactions between two parties on a peer-to-peer network.  Blockchain technology is much more than finance and touches every industry from healthcare, real estate, the supply chain, and digital identification management!

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system which allows people to send and receive money across the world without a third party intermediary such as a bank or government.  Bitcoin is only one application of blockchain technology, similar to how email is one application of the internet.

Chainalysis, a blockchain analytics company, reported that $15.8 trillion in cryptocurrency was traded in 2021.  Out of the $15.8 trillion only .15% of cryptocurrency transaction volume were from illicit activity, down from .34% in 2020.  Although private cryptocurrencies exist, the majority are public. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can view transactions on the blockchain in real time.

My Crypto Advisor is not a licensed financial advisor or brokerage.  We offer classes, one-on-one, and group consultations to teach people how to navigate Web3.  You are the sole owner of your funds – let My Crypto Advisor teach you how to “become your own bank”.

My Crypto Advisor offers a free 15 Minute Discovery Session over the phone to identify your goals, determine if our services fit your needs, and strategize for a second session.

Due to the borderless nature of blockchain technology, My Crypto Advisor offers its services globally!  Through virtual conferencing and screen sharing My Crypto Advisor can provide demonstrations and walkthroughs to any location in the world.

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