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about us

Leading People Into The Future

My Crypto Advisor is dedicated to educating and empowering people with knowledge to navigate the cryptocurrency market and invest in one of the most disruptive technologies since the internet.

Web3 should not be reserved for Fortune 500 companies and institutional investors. Our goal is to educate global citizens on the industry so they are not left behind during the next financial and technological revolution.

Alex Enser

Founder | CEO

Alex Enser, is a Western New York native with a B.A. from Buffalo State College, M.A. from Medaille College, Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals from Berkeley EDX, and certificate in blockchain and digital assets from dacfp.  He has been studying the industry and helping people invest in the cryptocurrency market since 2013. With a diverse background in management, financial, and human services, aLEX HAS ALWAYS STRIVED TO EMPOWER THE MARGINALIZED AND DISENFRANCHISED POPULATIONS IN SOCIETY.

Jacki Roach

Chief Communications Officer

Jacki combines a love of art, career in print media, and MBA in global supply chain to deliver and promote blockchain solutions committed to ESG, DEI, and service-driven initiatives. She enjoys creating her own NFT art and volunteering with numerous organizations.

Kevin Fial

Web3 Consultant

Kevin has spent countless hours immersing himself in cryptocurrency since 2013 and obtained a Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals from Berkeley edX. He will help you connect with the applications and tools you need to optimize your Web3 experience.

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Your gateway and "roadside assistance" to Web3 and blockchain enabled technologies.

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Trusted guide since 2018 in helping hundreds of individuals and businesses adopt Web3.

our mission

Educate world citizens on Web3 so they are not left behind during the next financial and technological revolution.

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My Crypto Advisor will demystify cryptocurrency and help you join the new economy.

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My Crypto Advisor offers classes, one-on-one, and group consultations on a variety of topics and concerns related to Web3.