Last updated: June 19, 2022

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Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service (“TOS”) will apply to the agreement to provide service between My Crypto Advisor LLC (“Company”), and the individual or business entity identified on the order form for said services (“Customer”). These terms, along with the attached “Disclaimer,” shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Agreement” between the two above mentioned parties.

Service Rates
Customer acknowledges that they have been made adequately aware of the initial rates and fees associated with services being rendered by the Company. Customer also acknowledges that the Company reserves the right to change the specified rates and charges from time to time. Any promotional offers made by the Company are contingent upon the Company maintaining its cost of service goals, including but not limited to rates charged by its suppliers.

Payments and Fees
Invoices are due and payable upon presentation. Amounts not paid within 30 days of the invoice date will be subject to service charges of 1.5% per month (18% a year).

Cancellation Policy

The Customer will be charged a minimum $25 cancellation fee for appointments cancelled less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.  In the event the Customer does not attend or cancel the appointment prior to the scheduled appointment time, the Company considers the absence a “no-show”, and the Customer will be charged a minimum $25 “no-show” fee.

Refund Policy
All services rendered by the Company are provided on a non-refundable basis. This includes, but it not limited to, classes, consultation fees, digital asset recovery fees, package fees, seminar fees, webinar fees, monthly fees, workshop fees, and professional services fees. In addition, if your account is canceled by the company for violation of this Agreement, all payments made to the Company become completely non-refundable. Customer agrees not to charge back any credit card payments for services rendered. In the event that a customer files a charge back or other payment dispute, they will be considered to be in violation of this agreement and may be subject to collection action as described in the “Payments and Fees” section above.

Expiration Policy
All pre-paid consultation packages are subject to our 1 year expiration policy. Refunds for purchases made will not be issued. The Company is under no obligation to provide services for purchases made greater than 1 year from purchase date. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the services purchased are available within the expiration date prior to making a purchase.

1:1 and Group Virtual Consultation Session Process
My Crypto Advisor LLC uses Zoom for the Company’s virtual consultation sessions provided to the Customer. In order to participate in virtual consultation sessions, the Customer must sign the Disclaimer & Terms of Service form which includes a description of the Terms of Service, outlined here, as well as the Disclaimer as outlined above. The Customer must agree to these Terms of Service as well as the Disclaimer before starting a virtual consultation session. After the Customer signs the Disclaimer and Terms of Service agreement, the Customer will receive an email with a Zoom link to access session.

Connecting to Virtual Consultation Sessions
Prior to the scheduled session time, the Customer can connect to the meeting through the meeting link provided in the email. Failure of the Customer to locate the email and/or access the meeting link prior to the Customer’s scheduled session does not obligate the Company to provide the customer with a refund. It is the responsibility of the Customer to prepare for the meeting and address any connectivity issues prior to the meeting.

The Company offers virtual consultation sessions through Zoom as a courtesy to the Customer but is in no way obligated to provide session through virtual consultation platforms. In the event that the Customer or a representative of the Company is unable to connect to virtually, a phone consultation will be provided.

The Company does not accommodate for technical difficulties on the Customer’s end. It is the responsibility of the Customer to test all devices and connectivity platforms prior to the scheduled meeting time. The Company is not obligated to provide customer support in addressing connectivity problems.

Privacy Policy
Company will not sell, lease, borrow, give, or otherwise dispose of any type of customer provided information to any third party unless compelled to do so by law or in cooperation with any law enforcement investigation. Company reserves the right to collect and utilize any customer information, including, but not limited to email addresses and web site cookies, for internal tracking and/or marketing purposes.

By using the Company’s website and/or participating in the Company’s services, you agree to your personal data, (i.e., your e-mail address, name, address, and other details personal to you) being processed by the Company for its business purposes or the purposes of building, promoting, and communicating (about) the Company’s business platform. The Company agrees to keep your email address and other personal data private and not share it with the public (e.g., by selling to any third parties). Full version of Privacy Policy can be reviewed here.

Violation of Terms
Should Customer violate any of these terms, the Company will attempt to contact the Customer by email or telephone before taking any action where avoidable. However, the Company will pursue whatever action is necessary to serve its best interest in these cases, even if that should necessitate the suspension or termination of Customer’s services without any type of notification.

Complaint Response Times
The Company does not guarantee that support staff will be available on demand before, during or after the Customer’s session time. Customer Service inquiries can be made by emailing [email protected]. Requests will be prioritized at the discretion of the Company. My Crypto Advisor LLC makes no guarantee to complaint response times but does make every effort to address Customer requests in a timely manner, typically within 2-4 business days.