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Alex Enser
Alex Enser

Founder @ My Crypto Advisor

Alex Enser the Founder and CEO of My Crypto Advisor will facilitate the Introduction to Web3 and Digital Assets series for the UCF Business Incubator Program.  Register to learn the basics of DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse, and watch these decentralized applications in action.

Are NFTs more than a JPEG? Jacki Roach the Chief Communications Officer of My Crypto Advisor discusses the promise of NFTs and Web3 with Ric Edelman on The Truth About Your Future.

My Crypto Advisor wraps up the second cohort of Phygital Learners with the Salvation Army in Albany and Troy NY.  Phygital Learners, a program that bridges Web3 and skiing, helps underserved  communities, experience new environments both on and off screen. 

Adults were introduced to Web3 and set up a digital wallet with Alex Enser while children learned content and art generation using artificial intelligence and text-to-image prompts with digital artist Jacki Roach.  Artwork was tokenized and presented as a digital collectible to all of the administrators, volunteers, guardians, and resource partners who made this program possible. 

After completing their digital coursework, the children hit the slopes for SkiWithMe’s “Ski-in-3” program where they received three ski lessons at the Willard Mountain ski resort in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Learn more about the Phygital Learners program and future plans on OpenSea.

Web3 is reshaping the relationship between brands and consumers, established business models, and the way we all interact with the internet.

Register for our 3-week workshop where you will learn the basics of cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallets and self-custody, NFT Marketplaces, and the Metaverse.

“Zero-To-Crypto” is designed for beginners and newer enthusiasts interested in learning the tools to explore and participate in Web3.  See you in the Metaverse!

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